Electech is an exciting and futuristic sounding word that is more important to the UK’s economy and industrial strategy than you could ever imagine! Innovate UK provides a great definition but to put it simply, Electech is the ‘enabler’ of all things digital. It encompasses both hardware and embedded software. This allows products and processes to communicate, to have power, intelligence or situational awareness and to be controlled, automated or operated safely/autonomously.

It is vital for the existence of technology, touching almost every aspect of our modern lives and our increasingly digitally connected society. From mobile phone chips to powerful electric motors – Electech is driving innovation everywhere. That is why we are so passionate about this cutting-edge sector!

The Electech Innovation Cluster (ETIC) is an innovative cluster organisation for the electech sector.

The sector

Electech is an industry sector in its own right just like all the other ‘techs’, for example, medtech or agritech. It represents the electronics and electrical hardware that all ‘tech’ relies on to exist. However, it also directly impacts almost every other industry sector in an enabling capacity. From automotive to agriculture and everything in between, this technology is key to many innovations.

Ground-breaking Electech innovations have transformed the world in the past few decades. For example, the smart grid infrastructure and smart meters that are essential for the UK’s increasingly electrified future.

The Electech Innovation Cluster

The Electech Innovation Cluster (ETIC) is an innovative cluster organisation for the sector. It is led by members and is the first of its kind in the UK. The ETIC seeks to join the dots in several regional and national conversations. This will ensure that the sector:

  • Is well-represented
  • Becomes nationally recognised
  • Gains investment
  • Develops further to drive skills, jobs and economic development

Local electronics SMEs came together to found the ETIC because they recognised the immense value of a collective voice. Their vision was to create a business led cluster with the purpose of delivering innovation, skills and training, professional services and representation.

You can read about the Electech Innovation Cluster in the Lancaster Guardian here. To find out more about membership opportunities for your business, please get in touch via our contact page.

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