Have you ever heard the word ‘Electech’ and wondered why it is so important? The ETIC was created to increase awareness of its significance. We need to ensure that the UK’s vibrant Electech sector thrives because it is linked to the future of our economy and its recovery from the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.

Electech skills

The sector is built around well-defined and vital skills in electronics, electrical engineering and embedded software. These skills and expertise underpin the success of many industries and will provide employment opportunities for future generations. Technological innovation is also vital for national security and international competitiveness.

The benefits of a strong sector

A strong Electech sector and industry leadership increases the UK’s power to export globally and attracts direct investment from abroad. There are so many opportunities for innovation, including the Internet of Things, embedded security, AI and 5G communications. UK companies have the knowledge and capability to impact the world and will play a foundational role in the development of future industries and value chains.

The Electech Innovation Cluster supports electronics SMEs
Electech skills are vital to the UK economy

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