The Electech Innovation Cluster was launched by a forward-thinking consortium of technology companies. We are working in partnership with several supporting organisations, including Lancaster University. Our idea was to create a groundbreaking new trade association that would serve as a collaborative voice for cutting-edge local SMEs. However, our ambitions don’t stop there. We are dedicated to raising awareness of the enabling power of the Electech sector.

We are based in the Morecambe Bay and South Lakes area. Our aim is to help businesses seize the opportunities that this growth sector presents, providing social and economic benefits. The cluster was also formed to raise awareness of issues affecting the sector, such as the global semi-conductor chip shortage and to overcome the challenges of changing markets. We are here to help by offering our members collective resilience, support and advice.

Map showing the area covered by the Electech Innovation Cluster in Lancashire and Cumbria

What is Electech?

Have you stumbled upon this page and are wondering just exactly what ‘Electech’ is? Read on to learn all about this exciting sector, which is vital to the UK’s economic future. Electech encompasses the electronics, electrical hardware and embedded software that enables the existence of technology. Examples range from the tiniest mobile phone chip to huge power stations.

This crucial sector solves the big challenges in health, energy supply, security, mobility and sustainability. “More than £100 billion a year” is contributed to the UK economy as a result, according to the Government’s Electech report.

An Electech centre of excellence

Morecambe Bay and South Lakeland’s existing skills, infrastructure and supply chain make it a centre of excellence for Electech. Our founding members share the vision of empowering local businesses and partners to connect, innovate, compete and thrive together to maximise potential. Our overriding aim is to remove barriers, creating opportunities and driving inclusive growth and employment.

Natasha McCrone, Chair of the Electech Innovation Cluster, said:

“We are proud to launch the Electech Innovation Cluster, investing in the future of the area’s top-quality academic and industrial skills base and cutting-edge facilities. We are bridging the gap between industry, government, education and research and development. 

Our aim is to overcome barriers such as the under-representation of local SMEs in the technology industry and the challenges of changing markets. We offer our members opportunity, collective resilience, partnership building and a supportive environment to scale up their businesses.”

Who is behind the cluster?

A consortium of leading companies in the North West – Forsberg, Like Technologies, Marl International, OTAQ and Rinicom founded the cluster. In addition, Lancaster University, RTC North, North West Business Leaders Team, UK Electronics Skills Foundation and Innovate UK are all providing great support.

We are also working closely with  Tech Lancaster, the innovative industry-led skills provider setup during the Covid-19 pandemic. Local people have received free work-ready skills in electronics and Electech, via blended online and practical training workshops.

Lancaster City Councillor Tim Hamilton-Cox, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Sustainable Economic Prosperity, said:

“It is great to see our local industry and academia come together to provide an empowering collective voice for SMEs in the technology sector. The Electech Innovation Cluster will bring a wealth of opportunities and benefits to existing local businesses and organisations through innovation, representation and support. This will really put our area on the map in terms of supporting the UK’s transition to a low-carbon economy and attracting investment.”

Annual membership is open to any local Electech business irrespective of size and can increase visibility and value to customers. To learn more about our organisation and the work we are doing please email enquiries@electech.uk. Alternatively, you can visit our Contact Us page.

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