To provide social and economic benefits to the local area by enabling growth of the Electech sector

What is the Electech Innovation Cluster

The Electech Innovation Cluster is a business led cluster providing an empowering collective voice. We are uniquely placed to bridge the gap between industry, research and development, government and education.

Our aim is to maximise potential and drive inclusive growth and employment of regional electronics technology SMEs in the ‘LA’ postcode by tackling the challenges and opportunities of changing markets, skills, representation, innovation and facilities.

Our objective is to build the region’s reputation as a centre of excellence for Electech. This is a sector which naturally lends itself to higher value added activity, improving economic output and creating high value jobs.

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(Electronics Technology)

Electronic components

Embedded Systems

Power management systems

Communication systems


Sensors and sensing

Autonomous sensing

Cyber physical systems

MEMBERSHIP – Why join us?

We offer our members opportunity, collective resilience, partnership building and a supportive environment to scale-up their businesses.


Our supportive community empowers Electech businesses and partners to connect, innovate, compete and thrive together.


We facilitate the sharing of knowledge so that we can learn from each other and identify new emerging opportunities.


We enable innovation through collaborative idea creation, increasing access to investment and building partnerships between business, academia and research & development.


Electech growth is crucial to the UK economy and Government industrial strategy. We will work to ensure this world-leading sector thrives in the region, sharpening competitive edge.


Support the Cluster

Our associate members bolster the Electech eco-system by providing opportunities and support from a range of areas . You can support the cluster by joining our extensive network. The benefits of joining as an associate member are:

• Networking opportunities with cluster members and other supporters.

• Engage with local business leaders to invoke discussion on key and relevant topics.

• Identify new business opportunities, supply chain links and partners.

Associate Members

Our Member’s Market Sectors

Map showing the area covered by the Electech Innovation Cluster in Lancashire and Cumbria

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  • Fraser House Hub, White Cross Industrial Park, South Road, Lancaster, LA1 4XQ

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