To provide social and economic benefits to the local area by enabling growth of the Electech sector

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What is Electech? 

Electech is a cutting-edge industry sector. It produces the electronics, electrical hardware and embedded software that enables the existence of technology. Driven by innovation, it focuses on designing and improving parts, products and processes. Examples vary hugely but include everything from flight control systems in aircrafts, right down to tiny mobile phone chips!

The Electech Innovation Cluster empowers businesses and partners to connect, innovate, compete and thrive together. We are uniquely placed to bring together the worlds of industry, electronic design, research and development and education. Our mission is to maximise our members’ potential.  

Join us in ensuring this world-leading sector thrives, increasing the UK’s power to export globally, attract direct investment, compete internationally and enhance national security. It’s crucial to the future of the UK’s economy, Government industrial strategy and our recovery from the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.


(Electronics Technology)

Electronic components

Embedded Systems

Power management systems

Communication systems


Sensors and sensing

Autonomous sensing

Cyber physical systems

Why join us?

We offer our members opportunity, collective resilience, partnership building and a supportive environment to scale-up their businesses.


We enable innovation through collaborative idea creation, increasing access to investment and building partnerships between business, academia and research & development.


We help members to document, plan and explore funding options, keeping up with a moving landscape.


Our supportive community empowers Electech businesses and partners to connect, innovate, compete and thrive together.


Electech growth is crucial to the UK economy and Government industrial strategy. We will work to ensure this world-leading sector thrives in the region, sharpening competitive edge.



Our Member’s Market Sectors

Map showing the area covered by the Electech Innovation Cluster in Lancashire and Cumbria

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